The Zebasi is one of the 13 current tribes. They start with the Farming technology. The Zebasi appear to be based off Southern African culture (eg. Zulus). Zebasi start off with the Farming tech.

In-game description:

"Zebasi thrive on the warm savannah, cultivating the rich soil to provide food for their mighty population."

Appearance Edit

NOTE: All official names for fruits, game etc. are taken from the official web shop.

Zebasi Theme Edit

The Battle of Polytopia Zebasi Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Zebasi Theme

City Buildings Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to the Luxidoor and the Kickoo, the Zebasi actually "inherited" their trees from Oumaji. Before they were added, the Oumaji had the acacia trees.
  • The Zebasi tribe music is the most complex music in the game.
  • The Zebasi helmet bears a striking similarity to the Kickoo game, but with teeth.
  • According to the web shop, the Zebasi's favourite drink is Waongii juice, made from the local Waongii plant.
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