The Xin-Xi tribe is one of the 12 current tribes in the game. They are one of the original four free tribes in the game, the others being Bardur, Imperius, and Oumaji. They start off with the climbing technology. They appear to be based off East Asian culture, particularly Chinese/Japanese culture.

In-game description:

"They start their journey in the dense mountains, surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom."
Xin xin

Appearance Edit

  • Fruit: Asian Persimmon
  • Land: Green fields
  • Forests: Cherry blossoms/Sakura Trees
  • Animals: White horses
  • Mountains: Tall, pointy mountain with ice cap
  • Cities: White with red upward roofs, dark wood frame
  • Helmet: Samurai
  • Color: Red

Strategy Edit

Xin-XI Isolation Strategy Edit

BEST POLYTOPIA STRATEGY YET The Xin-xi Isolation Strategy!02:22

BEST POLYTOPIA STRATEGY YET The Xin-xi Isolation Strategy!

Xin-Xi Theme Edit

The Battle of Polytopia Xin-Xi Theme00:43

The Battle of Polytopia Xin-Xi Theme

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