• TattiXD

    Some fix to this page...

    February 5, 2017 by TattiXD

    Greetings all tribe leaders

    Everyone who read this, know Battle Of Polytopia is pretty amazing game. And tribe leader brobably think maby there is some clear web site where i can get more information about tribes and techs. And so do I. But when i found this page that looks first pretty good but when i started read pages i found some pretty crap peges, exampel almost all tech peges, where some pages have only two or three lines text and no photos (Shields ). I understan its hard to make whole wikipedia artcle from option that allow you make defeners. But my idea is put some "two line" pages together, in one lerge aricle, it should be nicer to read. We don't need 3000 pages form such simple game as Polytopia. (I think secret of that game is …

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