I figured how to cheat in this game. I hope this helps you midjiwan. All is ask for is credit to me, Carlo, and Pico for help in finding this bug. You can teleport troops and also get unlimited stars in the game. To teleport troops, click on the village. Then there will be a selection of what troop you want to train on the bottom. Prepare a square where you want to teleport it to. Then carefully tap on the square and immidietly tap on the unit you want to train. What should happen is that it will say the square name (field,farm,mountain etc.) but the train unit thing will also pop up. You can press train unit and if you tap on the square you chose again, your troop will have teleported there. This means you can also train as much troops as you want on a single village. Next is the unlimited stars. You need forestry or whaling to do this. So you use the same method as the way to teleport troops. You click on a forest or whale then on the bottom should appear clear forest or whaling. Click on an empty square and immediately tap on the clear forest or whaling and you will have gotten 2 or 10 stars depending on which one you did. You can keep repeating to get unlimited stars. You can also use this to create farms, mines, etc. out of your border and it will still give you population. You can use this for literally anything. Thank you midjiwan for everything and I don't expect anything out of this except for it to be fixed. Thanks once again and I hope I helped. You can also clear mountains and other things while doing clear forest and if you do this on a square which has water, it will turn it into land. Also if you teleport troops beside a cloud, you will not be able to see through the cloud. You would need to move your troop on the next turn to see it. Thanks again and good luck to you midjiwan. I posted this also on a thread called where are all these 100k perfection scores coming from?

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