This is the official Polytopia Changelog taken directly from the App Store. Spelling is preserved, whether correct or not.

1.8 June 8, 2017 "Atlantis" Edit

From the deep ocean a long lost tribe appears, the Aquarion! They are the first tribe ever to have unique units and a modified tech tree.

-New Aquarion tribe

-Improved map generator with more intersecting continents

-Increased movement for ships

-Option to confirm when ending your turn

-Access settings menu from the start screen

-Long press end turn to move to the next unit

-Some bug fixes

1.7 March 31, 2017 "Power" Edit

This is a major update that balances the gameplay by adding and modifying units and technologies. Lots of new fun things to play with!

-a new technology, PHILOSOPHY, enters the tech tree and introduces the MIND BENDER UNIT that can flip any enemy unit to your team.

-You can now upgrade your boats to ships and if you are really rich you can evolve them further into mighty BATTLE SHIPS for 15 stars.

-Added the ability to DISBAND UNITS and DESTOY BUILDINGS to the tech tree.

-The KNIGHTS now have the ability to attack several weak units in a row, clearing the field of enemies.

-The attack of the CATAPULTS have been balanced to provide better gameplay.

-You can now add COMPUTER CONTROLLED PLAYERS to pass & play.

-A new MAP GENERATOR will create more diverse worlds

1.6.2 Mar 10, 2017 Edit

Removed a black hole that swallowed some of the first time users (thats very rude)

1.6.1 Jan 25, 2017 Edit

This is a patch that solves a lot of bugs and improve performance.

-Improved memory handling to reduce crashes

-Improved route calculations to minimise lag when building roads and harbours.

Fixed Bugs:

-loading a game in the wrong tribe

-some domination games claiming you lost when you actually won

-some players stop earning stars in multiplayer games

1.6 Nov 30, 2016 "Myriad" Edit

Pass & Play multiplayer with two new game modes.

-Introducing The Ai-Mo tribe! They start with the meditation tech and live high up in the mountains.

Other news:

-UI improvements

-Reduced cost of Forest Temple

-Doubled bonus for forge

-Capitals always spawn with two usable resources (if tech available)

-First time users can pick tribe for the intro game

-Reduced file size

1.5 Oct 6, 2016 Edit

The Battle between the tribes gets more intense each day and with over a million tribal leaders out there the high score obviously gets crowded. So, in this version we have created unique leaderboards for each tribe. Now all Oumaji fans can compete with each other and the Kickoo warriors can have their own little gathering in their leaderboard. There is also the all mighty collected High Score list of course to show who the real winner is.

You will now receive a 3-star rating on each game you play, and it is saved per tribe in the throne room.

I also put a tiny effort into improving the AI and the automated scout a bit (a bigger AI update will come in the future)

Last but not least there are rumours of a new shining easter egg.. (more hints on instagram @midjiwan)

Rest asure that we are hard at work with -Multiplayer-, but it is not ready for your eyes yet.

1.4.1 Aug 10, 2016 Edit

This is a tiny update.

-fixes a bug that caused some players to lose their data and purchased tribes

If you ever lose any of your purchased tribes, just tap the "Restore purchases" button in the tribe picker screen.

1.4 Aug 4, 2016 "Summer" Edit

-Introducing two new technologies: Trade & Whaling!

-Added a brand new tribe to keep the summer alive: The Zebasi thrive on the warm savannah and are great farmers.

-Added a new unit: Scout

-Option to play against all unlocked tribes at once(up to 8 opponents!)

1.3 Jun 22, 2016 Edit

-A new tribe has appeared! Vengir are really dark and aggressive, cast out on the unpleasant wastelands equipped with sharp swords!

-Major UI improvements

-Better map generation logic

-Even easier easy mode

NOTE: This was the version in which the game's name was changed to The Battle of Polytopia".

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