Units are available to all tribes in the game, and look different for all tribes. All tribes except for the Oumaji, Hoodrick and Vengir start out with only 1 type of unit available. However, more units can be unlocked by researching new technology. For information about the various stats of units, visit the Unit Stats page. For more in-depth information about combat, visit the Combat page.

The units currently available are:

Image Unit Attack Defence Movement Health Range Cost Skills
Bardur warrior
Warrior 2 2 1 10 1 2 stars Dash
Rider-flipped-inactive-own-icon- x2
Rider 2 1 2 10 1 3 stars Dash, Escape
Defender 1 3 1 15 1 3 stars None
Swordman-flipped-inactive-own-icon- x2
Swordsman 3 3 1 15 1 5 stars Dash
Archer-flipped-inactive-own-icon- x2
Archer 2 1 1 10 2 3 stars Dash
Catapult 4 0 1 10 3 8 stars None
Knight 3.5 1 3 15 1 8 stars Dash, Persist
Giant 5 4 1 40 1 n/a None
Nature Bunny 5 1 1 20 1 n/a Crush
Boat-flipped-inactive-own-icon- x2
Boat 1 1 2 varying 2 n/a Dash
Screenshot 2017-04-03-19-04-48
Ship 2 2 3 varying 2 5 stars to upgrade from Boat Dash
Screenshot 2017-04-03-19-07-59
Battleship 4 3 3 varying 2 15 stars to upgrade from Ship (20 total) Dash, Scout
Mind Bender 0 1 1 10 1 5 stars Heal, Convert
Amphibian 2 1 2 on water (both types), 1 on land 10 1 3 stars Dash, Escape, Swim
Crab 3 4 1 40 1 n/a Swim,


Tridention 3 1 2 on water (both types), 1 on land 15 2 8 stars Dash, Swim

Upgrades Edit

Certain units can upgrade after certain criteria has been met.

Veteran Edit

Once a unit has killed 3 units, whether by attacks or retaliation, you are given the option to upgrade the unit to Veteran. This will immediately increase the unit's maximum health by 5 and heal it completely. It will also increase the unit's defence. The only units exempt from this are the Giant (complete healing of a giant is too o.p.) and the Mind Bender (it cannot kill except on extremely rare conditions).

Ships and Battleships Edit

Alongside Veteran, the Boat has the option to upgrade to a Ship for 5 stars. Likewise with Ship, which can upgrade to Battleship for 15 stars once Navigation is researched.

Warrior, Rider, Archer, Swordsman, Catapult, Knight, Defender, Giant, Boat, Ship, Battleship, Mind Bender, Amphibian, Tridention, Crab, Nature Bunny, Scout (removed), Guard Tower (removed)

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