The stats of a unit refers to a unit's attack, health, range, etc. There are 7 different stats: attack, defense, movement, range, health, cost, and skills. The stats of a unit depend on what kind of unit it is. For example, most melee units will have higher health and defence than most ranged units.

Attack Edit

Attack refers to how much damage a unit does. A unit's attack damage decreases as the unit gets damaged. For example, a warrior with 10 health and 2 attack will deal 5 damage, but a warrior with 3 health will only deal 2 damage. For more in-depth information about attacking, visit the Combat page.

Defense Edit

Defense refers to how much damage a unit will do after being attacked. Defense damage also decreases as the unit loses health. A warrior with 2 defense and 10 health will deal 5 damage if attacked, but a warrior with 3 health will only deal 2 damage if attacked. Defense also determines how much damage a unit takes. A defender, which has 3 defense, will take usually less damage than a warrior, which has 2 defense. Cities and some terrain types will give certain defense (as in damage taken) bonuses after researching the right technology or choosing the right upgrade.

Movement Edit

Movement determines how far a unit can move per turn. A knight, with movement 3, can move 3 field tiles per turn. However, certain tiles require certain movement points. For example, forests require 2 movement points, so a knight can only move 1 forest and 1 field per turn. You can increase the movement of any unit by moving it onto a connected road.

Range Edit

Range determines how far a unit can attack. An archer, which has range 2, can attack any unit that is 2 tiles away. Range is calculated starting from the tile in front of the unit to the tile that the enemy unit is on.

Health Edit

Health refers to the amount of damage a unit can take. As stated above, it also determines the attack and defense(as in defensive damage) of a unit. Units can replenish health by using the heal ability, which will replenish 4 health if the unit is in your territory or 2 health if the unit is not in your territory.

Cost Edit

Cost refers to the amount of resources or stars needed to train a unit. Generally, more powerful troops require more stars to train.

Skills Edit

Skills refer to the skills of a unit. Units can have various skills, such as ability to attack after moving (Dash) or the ability to move after attacking (Escape). For a more detailed explanation, visit the Unit Skills page.

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