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Units have different/no skills that can be used to strategically battle and move around the world square.


The dash skill allows a unit to attack after it has moved during its turn.

Units with dash


If a unit with the "Escape" skill attacks another unit and the attacker is still alive, then it is given the option to move once more, even if it already moved earlier. (Ex: A rider moves to attack a warrior, the rider attacks the warrior and kills it, the rider is given an extra turn to move.)

Units with escape


Allows the unit to traverse on Water and Ocean (Navigation must be researched to travel on Ocean, regardless of the unit having the Sailing skill.)

Units with Sailing


Scout allows the unit to explore a 5x5 radius instead of 3x3.

Units with Scout


Sneak makes the unit unaffected by movement barriers (Mountains and Forests).

Units with Sneak

  • Scout (no longer in game)


Allows the unit to destroy any unit and buildings (Ex: Lumber Hut) by moving onto them.

Units with Crush

Persist Edit

Persist allows a unit to attack multiple times during 1 turn, provided the unit kills the other unit.

Units with Persist

Convert Edit

Convert allows a unit to convert an enemy unit to the player's tribe.

Units with Convert

Heal Edit

Heal allows you to heal every adjacent friendly unit that doesn't have full health.

Units with Heal

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