In The Battle of Polytopia, players choose one of thirteen tribes to lead. Four tribes (Bardur, Xin-Xi, Imperius, and Oumaji) are included in the game free of charge, and nine additional tribes (Kickoo, Hoodrick, Luxidoor, Vengir, Zebasi, Ai-Mo, Aquarion, Quetzali, and ∑∫ỹriȱŋ) are available as in-app purchases.

The choice of a tribe has important consequences. Each tribe begins the game with a different technology unlocked by default, with the exception of the Luxidoor and Aquarion. Each tribe also has a mix of terrain and resources that they are likely to be surrounded with at the beginning of a new game which also depends on the selected tribe. See Research for more information.

In the Atlantis update, a section with 'special' tribes was added. They are non-human and have a modified tech tree. Two exist of now. The first is the Aquarion, who have a modified Chivalry branch, with two new special units; the Amphibian to replace their Rider, and the Tridention to replace their Knight. The second is the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ, who can see Ruins through clouds, have a modified Mathematics branch, turn Whales and game into Units and has a unique building, the Sanctuary.

Each tribe's terrain, resources, units, cities, and monuments are unique in appearance. These are cosmetic only and do not affect gameplay.

Available Tribes Edit

Human Tribes Edit

These tribes have no modifications, other than their starting tech (or lack of).

Tribe Image


Starting Tech

Cost (US$) Cost (CAD$) Release Date (App Store) Color
Xin-Xi Climbing Free Free Feb 4th, 2016 Red
Imperius Organization Free Free Feb 4th, 2016 Blue
Bardur Hunting Free Free Feb 4th, 2016 Black
Oumaji Riding Free Free Feb 4th, 2016 Yellow
Kickoo Fishing 0.99 US$ 1.39 CAD$ Feb 4th, 2016 Lime Green
Hoodrick Archery 0.99 US$ 1.39 CAD$ March 23rd, 2016 Brown
Luxidoor None, starts with a level 3 city and a city wall 2.99 US$ 3.99 CAD$ March 23rd, 2016 Purple
Large 8

Vengir Smithery 0.99 US$ 1.39 CAD$ June 23rd, 2016 White
Large 9

Zebasi Farming 0.99 US$ 1.39 CAD$ August 4th, 2016 Orange
Large 10
Ai-Mo Meditation 0.99 US$ 1.39 CAD$ December 1st, 2016 Teal
Large 12
Quetzali Shields 0.99 US$ 1.39 CAD$ October 19th, 2017 Dark Green

Special Tribes Edit

These tribes have special tribe-specific modifications to their tech tree and units.

Tribe Image


Starting Tech

Cost (US$) Cost (CAD$) Release Date (App Store) Color
Large 11
Aquarion None, modified tech tree 1.99 USD$ 2.79 CAD$ June 8th, 2017 Salmon
Large 13
∑∫ỹriȱŋ Forest Magic, modified tech tree 1.99 USD$ 2.79 CAD$ May 24th, 2018 Hot Pink

See alsoEdit

Xin-Xi, Imperius, Bardur, Oumaji, Kickoo, Hoodrick, Luxidoor, Vengir, Zebasi, Ai-Mo, Quetzali, Aquarion, ∑∫ỹriȱŋ

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