Temples are structures that grant 100 points upon being built & 1 population for a city when placed in its territory. Temples Increase in point value as turns progress which makes them very useful in the Perfection mode. All temples cost 20 stars except for the Forest Temple, which costs 15 stars.

Varieties Edit


Above: The four varieties of temples at maximum level. Clockwise from right: Water Temple, Mountain Temple, Temple and Forest Temple

There are 4 different varieties of temple in the game. Each one can only be placed on certain tiles.

Water Temples can be placed in shallow water or oceans. Along with Monuments and Ports, they are the only structures that can be placed in shallow water. They are the only structures that can be placed in oceans. They are unlocked with Aquatism.

Forest Temples can only be placed in forests. They are cheaper than other temples, only costing 15 resources to build. They are unlocked with Spiritualism.

Mountain Temples can only be placed on mountains. They are unlocked with Meditation.

Normal Temples can only be placed on field tiles. They are unlocked with Free Spirit.

Leveling up Temples Edit

Temples level up on their own based on how many turns they have been in-game. 1 Turn includes the turn they are built. Temples that level up increase in point value and also appearance.

Temple Chart Edit

Level Benefits How to Obtain
1 100 Points + 1 Population 20 Stars (15 for Forest Temple)
2 150 Points Upgrades after 3 Turns
3 200 Points Upgrades after 6 Turns
4 250 Points Upgrades after 9 Turns
5 400 Points Upgrades after 12 Turns

Tips Edit

  • Temples take a while to achieve maximum level and maximum points, so when playing Perfection, try to build all your temples before turn 19.
  • Because score doesn't matter in Domination mode, temples are considered poor investments in most cases.
  • Place water temples on ocean tiles instead of water tiles so you can still have options to create Ports.
  • Don't rely temples mostly for growing your cities since they only give off 1 Population and are very costly.
  • Forest temples are cheaper at 15 stars instead of 20, but this only helps if you build them in natural forests.