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What is technology? Edit

Technology refers to different types of research that unlock new abilities such as climbing, or obtaining new units and buildings. Technologies are obtained using resources, although tribes feature one predetermined technology upon beginning the game (except the Luxidoor).

The cost to research a new technology increases for players as more cities are added to a tribe's territory. First tier technologies start at 5 resources, second tier technologies at 6, and third tier at 7. For each city, the cost of first tier technologies increases by 1, second tier by 2, and third tier by 3.

Tech Tree Edit

Tech tree

Technologies are researched in the tech tree, indicated by a blue science vial on the bottom of the screen in the game.

First Tier Technologies Edit

First tier technologies are the first that players can research, and cost five resources at one city.

Second Tier Technologies Edit

Second tier technologies can be researched after first tier brach is researched, and cost six resources at one city.

Third Tier Technologies Edit

Third tier technologies are the last that players can research, and cost 7 resources at one city.

Table Edit

Tech Military/Economic Unlocks Native to
Climbing Both(Enables you to see mountains with metal) Movement on mountains, allows you to see mountains with ore Xin-Xi
Fishing Economic Fishing, allows you to see oceans with whales Kickoo
Hunting Economic Hunting Bardur
Organization Economic Gathering fruit, allows you to see fields with crop Imperius
Riding Military Rider Oumaji
Archery Military Archer, defense bonus on forests Hoodrick
Farming Economic Farm Zebasi
Forestry Economic Lumber Hut none
Free Spirit Economic Temple none
Meditation Both(Defense Bonus) Mountain Temple, defense bonus on mountains Ai-Mo
Mining Economic Mine none
Roads Both Roads none
Sailing Both Ports, Boats none
Shields Military Defender none
Whaling Economic Whale Hunting none
Aquatism Both(Defense Bonus) Water Temple, defense bonus on oceans none
Chivalry Both Knight, Burn Forest none
Construction Economic Windmill none
Mathematics Both Sawmill, Catapult none
Navigation Military Ships none
Smithery Both Forge, Swordman Vengir
Spiritualism Economic Forest Temple, Grow Forest none
Trade Economic Customs House none
Philosophy Both Library, Priest (BETA)
Engineering Both Guard Tower, Remove Building (BETA)
Note: Philosophy and Engeneering are not out yet, and will be added in next update (BETA). Find out more about beta at PolytopiaSebo's YouTube channel.

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