Six Oumaji Monuments, clockwise from top left: Park of Fortune, Gate of Power, Tower of Wisdom, Eye of God, Emperor's Tomb and Grand Bazaar.

Tasks are special goals one can attempt to achieve over the course of the game, and award you with monuments, which grant 400 points of score and 3 population for the city it's built in.

Available Tasks Edit

  • Explorer (Reward: Eye of God) - Starts upon researching Navigation, completed when every tile in the world is explored.
  • Pacifist (Reward: Altar of Peace) - Starts upon researching Meditation, completed when the player makes no attacks for 5 consecutive turns. Defensive attacks are not held against you.
  • Genius (Reward: Tower of Wisdom) - Starts upon researching Philosophy, completed when all 24 technologies are researched.
  • Killer (Reward: Gate of Power) - Starts upon killing an enemy unit, completes when player has killed 10 units.
  • Network (Reward: Grand Bazaar) - Starts upon researching Roads, completes when player connects 5 cities to their capital.
  • Wealth (Reward: Emperor's Tomb) - Starts upon researching Trade, completes when player has 100 or more resources.
  • Metropolis (Reward: Park of Fortune) - Starts upon upgrading a city for the first time, completes when player has a city at level 5.

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