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The Swordman is a melee unit who is an all-around upgrade to the Warrior. It has one more defence and offense point, and five more health points. It is unlocked with the Smithery technology. The Vengir start with a swordman.

Stats Edit

  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 3
  • Movement: 1
  • Health: 15 (20 after reaching Veteran status)
  • Range: 1
  • Cost: 5 Stars
  • Skills: Dash

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Swordmen are good for:

  • Melee fights. In a face-to-face 1v1 situation, the Swordman rules, second only to the Giant. They can take huge chunks of health off Giants, Warriors, and other Swordmen, and can instantly kill Riders, Archers, and Catapults.
  • Front lines. Swordmen are good at killing those in front. They are also decent at payback whenever attacked. These make them viable units for your front lines, advancing in front of a wave of Catapults. Note that Defenders are cheaper and have better defense, but are much less capable of attacking those in front.
  • Swordsmen are also surprisingly effective against knights. Since knights can't retreat, a group of swordsmen can easily beat a group of low-defense leveled knights.

Swordmen aren't good for:

  • Killing offshore units. If he can't reach them, he can't do anything.
  • Killing Catapults. The Swordman can only move one square at a time. This leaves him unable to advance through the range of a Catapult in one turn, which leaves the Swordman as an easy target. Even with the recent Catapult nerf, the Swordman will not be able to advance fast enough to kill it.
  • Breaching Defender Walls. To be fair, virtually every melee unit is weak against Defenders, due to their high retaliation damage.

How to Use Edit

Strategies for Swordmen:

  • City sieging. Swordmen possess the attack needed to shave off the last 5 health of that pesky Warrior in the city walls, then possess the defense needed to survive the two riders between turns that try to beat the Swordman out.
  • Army leading. Swordmen are easily replaced and durable, making a mob of them easy to obtain.

Strategies against Swordmen:

  • Giants. Swordmen can't take these out so quickly. However, giants are not to be used when there are 3+ swordmen nearby, or they will overpower it easily.
  • Catapults. They can one-hit Swordmen, while staying out of range of other Swordsmen.
  • Ships. If possible, pummeling a Swordman from offshore has similar effects to a Catapult.
  • Defenders in city walls. These are extremely tough to bring down, requiring the assistance of numerous other units.
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