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Sushang is a fan-made tribe created by xx pussykiller xx.

Sushang a tribe which is based on Japanese people. Like we all know the Japanese are popular because of their sushi, so this tribe starts off with whaling. This tribe lives mostly on an island with rocks and stones. There are mountain ranges with only the tops covered in snow. If there is a forest the  blossoms of xin-xi  are scattered like the trees of ai-mo. on the coasts of those islands are the most villages. Near to the villages in the blue sea are whales common and ready to be hunted by the Sushang

Appearance Edit

Fruit: Peach

Land: Rocky coast

Forests: Blossoms scattered all over the land

Animals: White Tigers

Mountains: Rocky mountains with top snow and ice caps

Cities: Wooden structures/ frames with light blue decoration

Helmet: Black hair with a white head band with a red dot in front and black stripes around the dot

Color: Light grey

New Sushan warrior

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