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This is a database where common and/or useful Polytopia strategies are stored. It is updated frequently as updates come out, so keep checking back!

Isolation Edit

The Xin-Xi Isolation strategy was released on November 28th, 2016 "Xin-Xi Isolation Strategy". You can learn how it works HERE.

Most effective in games with fewer opponents.

This strategy is focused around the idea of isolation from other tribes. The strategy uses the Xin-Xi because they tend to have lots of mountains that surround their starting territory, but other "mountainous" tribes such as Ai-Mo can also use this strategy. Use these as barriers to the outside world and build up your economy. Once you have obtained Smithery, start mass-producing Swordsmen and expand outwards. Make sure you don't go into complete hiding, though, as the conquest of independent cities is important for your economy.

Variations Edit

Ai-Mo Isolation: Do not attack until you have Altar of Peace. Get Philosophy, and then rush Smithery.

Vengir Isolation: Slowly level up your cities until they can support multiple Swordsmen. Then, move out.

Naval Edit

The Imperius Naval strategy was released on December 16th, 2016. The strategy can be found HERE.

Most effective in games with connected bodies of water.

The Imperius Naval Strategy is based on two techs, Shields and Navigation. The strategy uses Imperius in the video because they have direct access to shields. Depending on your starting situation, you can prioritize Shields or Navigation. In addition to navigation, go for the shields tech because it costs just 6 stars from the start and defenders have a great health level of 15. After having these two techs, start to search throughout the world. If you find a village, settle on it. If you meet an enemy (not an ally), make sure to surround their land as much as possible with defender ships. If the tribe is on another strip of land and you conquer one of their cities, it delivers great momentum. So it is very important to go after their cities not only fiercely, but with thought. If your opponent has an inland city, though, once you have secured the coastline, you might have to start producing other ground-warfare troops like Swordmen to break through enemy lines.

Variations Edit

Kickoo Naval: Here, Navigation is not as important, as Kickoo has lots of shallow water. Go for Sailing, and then Shields, and then Navigation.

NOTE: This strategy may not be as effective, as ships have been nerfed in the latest update and have individual costs to upgrade.

Superweapon Edit

The Bardur Superweapon strategy was released on January 2nd, 2016. The strategy can be found HERE.

Effective in most games.

This strategy brings the use of catapults to a new level. First, focus on economy and complete the Forestry tech 'branch'. Hah! Forestry? Branch? (sorry but I had to) Anyway, once you get the Mathematics tech, start to make a lot of catapults. Also, build a wall of cheap defenders to block knights from instantly wiping out your force. After this your catapults can pretty much destroy any army in a matter of turns. The strategy uses Bardur in the video because they have a head start on the Catapult branch. Use your wall units to advance your army and seize other cities. Be sure to watch out for knights, though, as even though you might have a wall of units, they can easily rush in and eliminate weakened defenders before moving on to your catapults.

Variations Edit

Imperius Superweapon: Get Shields, and build the defender wall before the catapults.

Clouded Arrow Edit

Effective in most games.

The "Clouded Arrow Strategy" involves pouring all of your resources into fishing, then sailing, and finally navigation. Use battleships to scout out the coastline undetected and identify the location of enemy cities. Next, you send a single horse to explore the area to remove the clouds. This strategy relies on the fact that if you attack enemy ranged units like ships, they will only be able to retaliate if they can see you. The goal of the strategy is to use you battleships to kill enemies without them seeing you, so your navy remains basically untouched. After the coast is secured, simply walk a unit into the city after clearing out the army. This can be used with virtually any tribe.

Rush Edit

Most effective in Domination games with 1-3 opponents.

It is possible to get a 100% rating almost every time against 1 opponent with rush, especially with Vengir. Their starting tech is Smithery, so their Swordmen can quickly defeat enemies with only Warriors. Thus, the rush strategy is the best plausible strategy for defeating enemies within the turn limit and getting 100%. The basis of this strategy is to pour all your resources into unit production, and overwhelm your opponents' primitive defences by sheer numbers/power. When you upgrade your city, get Explorer rather than Workshop. If you spawn on an island, restart.

Variations Edit

Oumaji Rush: Use your riders to quickly capture villages and produce more riders, and to quickly locate the enemy. Get Free Spirit so you can quickly disband hurt units, so you can quickly spawn a new, fresh unit instead of letting your opponent farm kills. Keep up the pressure until the enemy collapses.

Imperius Rush/Bardur Rush: Upgrade your city on turn 0, and get three warriors. Find and destroy opponents. If you strategize quickly and efficiently, you will get 0 casualties and have a 100% rating.

Empire Edit

THE BEST NEW STRATEGY!!! The Zebasi Empire Strategy!03:30

THE BEST NEW STRATEGY!!! The Zebasi Empire Strategy!

As explained in the video, the point of this strategy is to focus on a huge economy early game, and use this interesting quirk that PolytopiaGaming pointed out. It states that the AI will be hesitant to attack such a huge economic powerhouse, at least for the early game, allowing you to advance your infrastructure uninterrupted. The video uses Zebasi because their abundance of farms means that Zebasi land can produce some of the highest-level cities in the square.

Variations Edit

Luxidoor Empire: Use the Luxidoor City Wall and high income to build your economy. Play defence for a bit, get Organization > Shields since fruits are common and defenders are cheap. Forestry is also good.

Kickoo Empire: Research Sailing and build Ports everywhere.

Bardur Empire: Not as effective, but since the Bardur usually spawn with a lot of forests, research forestry immediately when you get the chance.

Enlightenment Edit

Most effective in Easy difficulty.

Did you know there is a way to win in Domination without attacking? Once you get Philosophy, you can use Mind Benders to 'peacefully' convert units to your side, and the Literacy Bonus can let you advance your military quicker than everyone else! The video (not included) uses Ai-Mo because of their proximity to Philosophy.

NOTE: This strategy is extremely difficult to pull off, and is best reserved for Easy matches or hard challenges.

Variations Edit

Imperius Enlightenment: Research Shields first and construct a perimeter around your area, then research Philosophy.

Xin-Xi Enlightenment: Research Meditation and camp on the mountains. Research the Philosophy branch, and then Smithery so you can create a Swordsman vanguard for your Mind Benders.

For More Strategies Edit

Visit PolytopiaGaming's channel at

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