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The Ship is the upgraded version of the Boat. For a 5-star fee, you can upgrade an individual boat into a ship. You can go onto land from a water tile, but you cannot go onto water without moving into a player-owned port first.

Stats Edit

  • Attack: 2
  • Defence: 2
  • Movement: 3
  • Varied Health (Health is taken directly from unit)
  • Range: 2
  • Skills: Sailing, dash


Ships are good for:

  • Traveling on ocean.
  • Gathering and transporting large armies. Large oceans can be turned into gathering grounds for your units, which can then move quickly to the enemy no matter their original movement speed.
  • Coast invasion. Ships directly offshore can fire at enemies on the beach, and on some occasions, directly onto a city itself. Note that doing this puts your Ship in range of Archers and Catapults.
Warrior, Rider, Archer, Swordman, Catapult, Knight, Defender, Giant, Boat, Ship, Nature Bunny, Mind Bender, Battleship, Scout (removed), Guard Tower (removed)

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