Shenabe is a fan-made tribe created by DragonClaw42. It is based on Native American culture.

Fan-made description (Made by Oaskldk):

"The Shenabe live in a plentiful mixture of forest and field, blessed with fruits to gather and game to hunt. Because of this beautiful native land, the Shenabe have developed an advanced religious system to please the native spirits in order to keep their home. The Shenabe start out with the Spiritualism tech."

Appearance Edit

  • Game: Deer
  • Forest: Brown cylinder with green (with bits of brown, orange, and yellow) sphere on top
  • Fruit: Strawberry
  • Field: Same a Imperius but with bits of brown, orange, and yellow
  • Mountains: Similar to Xin-Xi but with a much more rounded top
  • Color: A kind of light orange with a tint of brown (similar to deer skin color maybe)(tribe color shown on feather)
  • Helmet: Dark Brown hair with orangish brown(tribe color) feather on left back of head
  • City: a small huts like a village but square and no fire place/wood pile.

I think Shenabe (shen nah beh) should start out with Spiritualism tech, because thay must please their gods with temples and growing forests.

Spawn Research Edit

I think in Shenabe teritory should have about 50% forest (similar to Bardur but not quiet as common), 40% field, 10% mountain(these come in clumps of 3 or 4 so it is like a mountain range) I think a few mountains should have metal, not many though. I think most of the forests should have animals in them. I think maybe, like 60% of fields should have fruit. I think about 20% of the fields should have crop. I want probably about 40% fish in the water. Please let me know if I missed any natural resource, if I did, please add it here and how much of it there should be.

Strategy Edit

Is this tribe was a real tribe, some strategies would be as follows:

Strategy #1: Forestry Rush Edit

In this strategy, on your first turn, research Hunting and hunt any deer that you have. Save up for Forestry and research that. Then research Organization and harvest all of the fruits. If there are farms, research Farming. Then,grow as many forests as you can, making sure they're not on farms, and place Lumber Huts in them. Then, advance your military. WARNING: DO NOT use this strategy if you spawn next to a hostile enemy.

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