A Sawmill is a building that can be placed on field tiles after the Mathematics technology has been researched. It gives +1 population to the city it is built in for every adjacent Lumber Hut, no matter if it was built before or after the Sawmill.

The Sawmill will not take into account Lumber Huts owned by an opponent.

It is possible to get a Level 0 sawmill if the associated Lumber Huts are subsequently destroyed.

It costs 5 stars to build a Sawmill.

Each city may only contain one Sawmill.

Gallery Edit

Sawmill lvl2

Level 2 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl3

Level 3 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl4

Level 4 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl5

Level 5 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl6

Level 6 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl7

Level 7 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl8

Level 8 sawmill.