A Sawmill is a building that can be placed on field tiles after the Mathematics technology has been researched. It gives +1 population to the city it is built in for every adjacent Lumber Hut, no matter if it was built before or after the Sawmill.

It costs 5 stars to build a Sawmill.

Each city may only contain one Sawmill.

However, sawmills can be built off of enemy lumber huts which lowers population! Watch out for enemy lumber huts.
Sawmill lvl2

Level 2 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl3

Level 3 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl6

Level 6 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl7

Level 7 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl4

Level 4 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl5

Level 5 sawmill.

Sawmill lvl8

Level 8 sawmill.