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Ruins are objects on the map that units can move on, like villages. Unlike villages, though, they can occur on mountains or in oceans. Once a unit has moved into the ruin, it can be examined next turn and you will receive a reward. Below are all the possible rewards for a ruin to give you:

  • Giant - Moves away your unit and creates a Giant, which can move and attack on the turn that you receive it.
  • Scrolls of Wisdom - Instantly researches a random available technology for you, for free.
  • Population - Rewards you with 3 free population to your capital.
  • Explorer - Self explanatory, spawns an explorer.
  • Battleship (ocean only) - Similar to Giant, spawns a Warrior in a Battleship.
  • Tragedy - The structure falls, destroying the unit inside.

Trivia Edit

  • If a ruin spawns on an 1x1 island, and you get a message saying that the reward is a giant, then the unit examining the ruin will disappear and the giant will spawn. This disappearance counts as a death, so be careful when examining ruins on small islands.

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