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The Regia Solis are a fan-made tribe. They are currently a work in progress. They are supposed to be a cast-off sect of the Imperians after discovering what lay beyond the Black Spires.

Known Info Edit

  • Colors: Sunset Hazel, Gold
  • Helmet: Imperius
  • Cities: Sunset and gold colored Imperius cities
  • Fruit: Grapes
  • Land: Green fields
  • Mountains:
Regia Solis mountain
  • Game: Brown horses
  • Forests: Beech Trees
  • Starting Tech: Shields

They are basically reskinned Imperians.

Origins Edit

  • Language: Latin. They discovered Latin from scrolls in the Vengir wastelands, which speak of another universe where there once was a glorious empire named Rome............
  • They are Imperian defectors from Zebastian's UTOP fan theory.
  • They seek to protect the UTOP, destroy the Vengir, and travel to the universe that Rome is in.
  • Tribe Motto (Kinda like a description): Carpe Noctem
  • They are called the Royal Sunset (in latin) because it's leaders are descendants of or related to the original royal family members of the original tribes. The Sunset part is because they think of the impending Vengir invasion as a sunset on the world.

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