Raubvögel is a fan-made tribe made by Aubuts24 and DragonClaw42. They start with a Warrior, though they start with Chivalry. It is fictional-ish. The name Raubvögel means "Birds of Prey" in German. If riders are on a mountain, they'll get +1 movement and can go over water and ocean, same with knights except +2 movement and -1 attack. This skill is called Glide.

Fan-Made Description(made by Aubuts24):

After being forced out of their native lands, the Raubvögel tribe went to the Vengir for help, where they were made into slaves. They eventually escaped, but still allied with the Vengir. They went far, far away to a new land with many hawks, where they hunted them for skin and meat. Eventually, they learned to cooperate with the hawks and figured out how to go really fast on them. From then on, they vowed to seek revenge on all of UTOP.

Appearance Edit

  • Animal: Red-tailed Hawk
  • Fruit: Blackberries
  • Helmet: Like Zebasi, but Red-tailed Hawk
  • Forests: Shenabe with branches
  • Cities: Rustic-ish
  • Field: Olive green
  • Mountains: Vengir turned into mini Xin-Xis and remove the corner mountains
  • Starting tech: Chivalry

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