The Ogka are a fan made tribe made by Strikefinger. They start with Roads and draw inspiration from various Orc like stereotypes. Their tribesmen are called eiter Öphka or Umpefif, the difference is'nt quite clear to outsiders.

The same color is also used by the Tribe Narvicia.

Fan-Made description (Made by Strikefinger):

Living in the ashes of this active volcaneous land, the Ogka tolerate no weakness and take pride in conquest. Their soldiers crush even the strongest of their enemies, but have no patience for treating their wounds.

Appereance Edit

  • Fruit: Slimy bush
  • Forests: Burnt stumps or ash piles
  • Animal: Olive green hog
  • Mountains: Volcano
  • Cities: Olive green fortifications with patches of lava on it.
  • Helmet: Thornbush
  • Color: Olive Green

Land Edit

Their territory has a fair amount of forests and mountains. There are also some fields and water. Fruit is scarce but yummy.

Gameplay Edit

Their Gameplay is imagined to be similar, but opposite to the Luxidoor in that Ogka need a lot of stars and can move fast if they have those, because of the roads they can build early on. Because of this and the powerfull crush skill they are strong in the early to mid game. But the longer a game goes their strength decreases, because units need to be bought constantly in order to sustain a defense.

They don't have Mind-Benders, instead they have a powerfull unit, that has the Crush skill and can therefore kill any unit with a single attack. However this power comes at a tradeoff, because there is no way to heal an Ogka-unit.


There is not much known about their special way of talking, other than that tey never quite got around to adapting the UTOPian dialect.

Much of what is known about their language is derived from a letter, that seems to be a transcript of a call to arms:

"Umpefifh, õph Scribe told me óph do this. Me Ùmpëfîfh oph family Ūmpéfifh oph clan Ûmpėfífh oph house Ūmpëfïfh oph the great tribe oph OGKA (cheers), ôph chief oph the fighting childs, ôph great conqueror oph the mighty pink bunny, is öph óph call you, my fellow ÖPHKA (cheers louder) óph conquer the empty wastes oph (leans over óph someone behind the stage) — Vengir! øph issued by Öffldphl, õur puny scribe ôph historian."

Word Type of Word Possible Meaning
oph preposition most likely 'of'
ôph conjunction or pronoun with it's main meaning 'and' it also seams to instill a sense of 'we'
óph preposition something along the lines of 'to', sometimes used instead of a number
õph pronoun it's meaning 'our' seems to simultaneously point out differences between the speaker and the person or object referred to. Used rarely as 'we' or 'us'.
öph preposition, adverb definitely nothing in the direction of 'about'
øph conjunction, adverb or preposition 'as' or an elegant insult that can't be directly translated

Notable TribesmenEdit

  • Öffldphl, a scribe and historian, seems to have be highly valued in the Ogka society, as he doesn't have the usual name along the lines of 'Umpefifh'
  • Ùmpëfîfh oph family Ūmpéfifh oph clan Ûmpėfífh oph house Ūmpëfïfh is a general of some sort, who prooved himself worthy, when he defeated the pink bunny.
  • Umpefifh, a female, seems to be a somewhat important figure from Ogka's history, as she marks an era of naming almost everyone after her.

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