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Nature Bunnies are one of the three Easter Eggs in The Battle of Polytopia. They cannot be controlled by any player. They have the crush skill, which allows them to instantly destroy any unit or building on the tile they step on. They will enter cities, but never capture them.

Glitches Edit

Spawning multiple nature bunnies may result in unexpected glitches including, but not limited to:

  • Creation of "Unknown Tribe" that never completes its turn.
  • By exiting and resuming the game at this point, the user will no longer have the functional perspective of their selected tribe. This perspective can see the entire map, but cannot actually control any units (though the interface remains present). This perspective also will be displayed on the game leaderboard, (in last place, as it is incapable of accumulating points), though only a red box exists to represent the "unknown tribe".
  • Empty tech tree

By exiting and resuming the game once more, the user may be able to return the game to its original functionality.

Interdimensional Bunnies Edit

With the introduction of version 1.7.2 Nature bunnies may exhibit strange behaviour including interdimensional travel. It has been reported that Bunnies can appear in a single player world with a chunk of environment from a pass and play world. This may include cities and structures.

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