Narvicia is a fan-made tribe by the Filipino Kickoo. They are a tribe based off Spain.

Fan-made description:(Made by the Filipino Kickoo)

A diplomatic,peace-seeking tribe,Narvicia developed their faith in the path of enlightenment with their culture after being split between the Oumaji and Imperius which resulted in them hating both tribes. They reunited after rebelling from both tribes and now they vow to end both tribes.


Usually friends with all except Imperius and Oumaji,if the AI hates you it will mass-produce Mind-benders and Riders(sometimes Knights if economy is capable).

Appearance Edit

  • Fruit:Narvician Orange
  • Trees: Xin-xi but green
  • Mountains: Green Zebasi peaks
  • Hat/Armor: Sombrero Narviciano/Bandanna covering mouth
  • Field: Green
  • Starting Tech: Philosophy
  • City Description: Imperian pillars on bottom with Hoodrick and Oumaji cross without domes,red and green
  • Capital Spire: Default with alternating yellow and olive green colors
  • Color: Olive Green
  • Starts with Mind-Bender

Please help with images and tables,my iPad cannot support the tables and pictures.Thank you.

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