Multiplayer is a game type that involves 2 or more players in a game.

So far, Pass-and-Play multiplayer is the only kind of multiplayer that exists in the game. It is local and played on 1 device. Currently, the player can choose to play with humans and computer AI in pass and play.

Online Multiplayer has been tested, and is currently in development. It is expected to come in the next update. The developer Midjiwan has recently tweeted about wanting it to be absolutely perfect before release.

There are currently 2 multiplayer modes: Glory and Might.

Glory Edit

Similar to Perfection Mode in Singleplayer, the aim is to amass points. The difference, though, is that instead of a turn limit, there is a point limit of 10,000 points. First player to 10,000 points wins.

Might Edit

Again similar to Singleplayer Domination, the aim is to conquer your opponents, however, only the enemy capitals are required to win the match. First player to capture all enemy capitals and hold them for one turn wins.

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