Hugave is a fan-made tribe made by Aubuts24. It is a pirate tribe.

Fan-Made Description (made by Aubuts24):

A band of rebels, the Hugave set to the sea to find a new home. Unfortunately, they met the Vengir, who massacred most of them. As they ran away, they stole many valuable resources as revenge, and set off to the mainland to rejoin their original tribe. They got lost and ended up on The Island of Fan-Made Tribes, where they settled along a plentiful coast. They learned to set aside their differences with the UTOP and cooperate with the other tribes on the island.

Appearance Edit

  • Animal: Monitor lizard
  • Fruit: Coconuts
  • Field: Kickoo
  • Forest: Fern Field
  • Mountain: Taller Hoodrick hills
  • Cities: Like a pirate ship
  • Helmet: Pirate bandanna
  • Color: Light blue
  • Starting tech: Sailing

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