The Fronuli tribe thrives in the prairie. Their villages live with such spirit and energy in which they live off of.

The Fronuli tribe is a fan-made tribe created by TheGoldenCraft12. They begin the game with Free Spirit.

  • Animals: Kangaroo
  • Fruit: Blackberries
  • Mountain: Grassy and Rocky
  • Field:Light Brown Grass
  • Helmet: None, Buffalo Coat
  • Cities: Wooden Sticks
  • Tree: Paperbark
  • Color: Red Velvet

The Fronuli like to be neutral to any UTOP Tribe.

Extra: These little Australian Natives believe in weather control, legends of human-caused rain and storms caused by a Lightning king(Which replaces the giant). This devastating King could wipe out any tribe on Polytopia!

Lightning King

Attack: 5






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