For the actual in-game tribes, go here.

The Tribes Edit

These are all the tribes created by Polytopia fans, in order of creation.

There are currently 21 fan-made tribes, which is more than the current amount of actual Polytopia tribes! Ten are on this page and the other 11 are here.

Tribe Image Name Starting Tech Color Creator
Marinoo Mining Gray Sebom
Ehdia Forestry Strawberry Pink The Canadians (Zebastian + MilkandVinegar) And that American Guy (Oaskldk)
Frieso Forestry Brandeis blue


Shenabe Spiritualism Orangish Brown Dragonclaw42
Regia Solis Shields Sunset Orange and Gold Oaskldk
Untitled 1
Sushang Whaling Light Gray xx pussykiller xx
No image available 😐 Raubvögel Chivalry White Aubuts24 and DragonClaw42
IMG 0974
Fronuli Free Spirit Red Velvet TheGoldenCraft12
No image available Hugave Sailing Light blue Aubuts24
Balsam Face Polytopia
Balsam Random Graphite DanVol

Map Edit

Legenda of map
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*note 1; if your fan-made tribe is not on the map that's because there is no place in the world on the page/form treat or the place isn't a place on earth

Note 2; the Frieso tribe and Regia Solis share Germany. Frieso only has the part around the North Sea but it's lined with the Regia Solis color to show that there are 2 tribes.

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