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Explorer is one of the two rewards you can choose after you have upgraded a level 1 city to level 2 (the other

A Quetzali Explorer

being Workshop), and one of the ruin rewards. It spawns a semi-transparent explorer who explores cloud tiles around you. Every tile explored gives 5 points. These explorers can also be found in ruins.

Sailing gives the Explorer the ability to move in water, and Navigation lets it move in oceans. Climbing gives them the ability to move on mountains, but they don’t get the visibility bonus. Explorers change in color based on the tribe that used them.

Their AI automatically makes them seek out unexplored tiles, however this can sometimes be unreliable.

Trivia Edit

  • It has a nearly identical sprite to the Scout, a removed unit, with the sole difference being the lack of the hand holding the staff.


Ruin Rewards
Battleship, Crab, Explorer, Giant, Population, Population Growth, Stars, Super Unit, Technology
City Upgrades
Border Growth, City Wall, Explorer, Park, Population, Population Growth, Stars, Super Unit, Workshop