The Crab is a unit exclusive to the Aquarion tribe. It is their equivalent of a Giant. However, they can be converted to another tribe using Mind Benders.

Unlike the Giant, it gets no movement bonus from roads, nor sea lanes between ports; nor can it board a boat at a Port. This makes Crabs significantly slower than Giants to move around. The only way a Crab can move more than one space in a turn is using its escape skill: after (moving then) attacking, the Crab gets a single extra movement.

Although the Crab has the swim skill, it still needs Sailing or Riding tech to be researched in order to swim in shallow water and Free Diving or Navigation to swim in ocean.

Stats Edit

  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 4
  • Movement: 1
  • Health: 40
  • Range: 1
  • Cost: n/a
  • Skills: escape, swim
Warrior, Rider, Archer, Swordsman, Catapult, Knight, Defender, Giant, Boat, Ship, Battleship, Mind Bender, Amphibian, Tridention, Crab, Nature Bunny, Scout (removed), Guard Tower (removed)