Units can move and engage in combat. All units in the game have access to a few stats and actions they can take. These are the stats:

  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Movement
  • Health
  • Range
  • Skills

For information on how these stats interact, please visit the Unit stats page.

Attacking Edit

When one unit attacks another one, it deals damage. How much damage is dealt, is dependent of the attacker's 'attack' stat, and the defender's 'defense' stat. If the defending unit isn't killed during the initial attack and is in range, it deals damage back. The amount of damage dealt now depends on the defender's (now attacker's) defense, not attack. If the attacking unit kills the defending unit and its range is equal to one, moves to the defender's tile. If a unit ends its turn on a enemy's city, it will be able to capture this city on its next turn.

Damage Calculator Edit

Formula posted by Midjiwan

Unofficial Calculator by FrothFrenzy:

Attacker's attack is multiplied by their current health divided by their maximum health. (attackForce)

Defender's defense is multiplied by their current health divided by their maximum health. (defenceForce)

Then, attackForce and defenceForce are added together to create totalDamage.

attackForce is divided by totalDamage. The result is multiplied by both the attacker's attack and 4.5.

Skills Edit

For information on how unit skills work, please visit the Unit skills page.

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