Cities are objects on the map that produce stars and let you train units. Cities are acquired from capturing villages. A city will produce one star at level 1, but a capital will produce 2 stars at level 1.

When you level up a city, your resource production goes up by 1 (or 2 if you choose Workshop when upgrading to level 2).

You can connect cities to your capital with roads and ports. Connected cities get 1 population as a reward.

If an enemy unit or Nature Bunny moves onto your city, production for that city will stop entirely and you will gain 0 stars from it next turn.

Being in your city gives you a 250% defence buff. When enemy units enter your cities, they do not gain defence buffs from your city or a city wall.

If you have a defence bonus, a shield will appear around the health.

City Levels Edit

Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl n
Population needed to upgrade 2 3 4 5 n+1
Earned points when built 100 40 35 30 n-5
Choose between reward #1 - Workshop City wall Population growth Park
or between reward #2 - Explorer Resources Border growth Super Unit

Capital Edit

Your Capital is your starting city. Capitals produce by default 1 more star per turn than other cities when it's that tribes' capital. You can connect other cities to your capital with roads and ports. Each capital contains a prism specific to each tribe that lingers even if the city is captured (i.e If the Kickoo take the Oumaji Capital, the Oumaji prism will still stay there.)


A Vengir capital prism.

Territory Edit

Your territory is the land you own. You can only construct buildings in this area (with the exception of Roads, which can be built in unclaimed territory as well). In contrast, you may only build units in the city tile itself. Your territory is marked by a dashed line with the color of your tribe. You can expand your territory by upgrading your city to level 4, where you can choose to increase your population or expand your borders.

Anti-Food Edit

A red bar below your city, explained in Population.

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