Chivalry is a Tier Three technology that can be researched after the Free Spirit tech.

It unlocks the Knight, a hard-hitting and fast unit that has "persist", a skill that allows the knight to attack again after killing a unit.

It also unlocks the Burn Forest ability, which allows you to transform forest tiles into field tiles with crop for 5 stars.

In the Aquarion Tech Tree, this technology is renamed "Spearing". Instead of unlocking the Knight, it unlocks the Tridention, a ranged swimming unit with dash and escape.

Trivia Edit

  • As ironic as it may seem, despite not being able to chop down forests, the Σʃỹiȱŋ still have the abilty to burn forests untouched.

Gallery Edit

Burn forest

The Burn Forest Icon in the Chivalry Technology.