The Bulwark are a fan made tribe made by Typhoic. They start with the Shields tech. The Bulwark are based off medieval knights.

Fan-made description:

As the tribes compete against each other, Bulwark is the only tribe who protects their own Fortress. They do not like companies especially Bardur. They have the greatest defense, no one shall ever contend them.

Appearence Edit

  • Fruit: Raspberries
  • Field: Dark Green
  • Forests: Oak Trees
  • Animals: Percheron (Horse)
  • Mountain: ?
  • Cities: Fortress like, Dark grey walls towers in each corners
  • Helmet: Knight Helmet
  • Color: Iron Grey / Dark Blue

Ability Edit

  • Defenders will have 400% defense bonus around their cities/capitals
  • Defenders will be tired and disband themselves if it walks 15 tiles above

Gallery Edit

Coming soon

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