The Battleship is a powerful sea unit, added in the "Power" update. It is unlocked with Navigation, and is the upgrade of Ship, having overall better stats. For a 15-star fee, you can upgrade an individual ship into a battleship. Battleships can move onto land from water tiles, but when you move back onto water via ports, the unit will become a boat again. You can also receive battleships as rewards via Ruins.

Stats Edit

  • Attack: 4
  • Defence: 3
  • Movement: 3
  • Health: Varying (Depends on unit on board)
  • Range: 2
  • Cost: 15 stars to upgrade from Ship
  • Skills: Carry, scout, dash

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Battleships are good for:

  • Exploring. The Battleship's high movement speed and large line of sight means that exploration on the sea is easier than ever! As soon as you find land or a village, you can send a less expensive boat or ship to go explore it while your battleship focuses on other things.
  • Heavy Bombardment from Sea. If one of these rolls up in your waters, it's probably not coming to sit down and talk over a tea with you. It means business. With the damage of a catapult and the defence of a defender, this beast is the ultimate destroyer. It can wipe out entire forces from the coast, clearing a path for your armies to invade.
  • Quick and Powerful Retaliation. Someone's ship just attacked your giant in a boat? Got 20 stars to spare? Ship upgrading is like upgrading to Veteran: it does not consume your attack. If you're in a quick fix, you can max your boat instantly and make whoever dared touch you pay dearly!

Battleships aren't good for:

  • Transport/Capturing Cities. The Battleship's high cost means that it would be a huge waste of resources to spend 20 stars on a warship, then blow it all when you land. Even if there is an open city, it is usually not a good idea to land with a battleship. Better to use cheaper ships or boats instead.
  • Score. Each of the other tier 3 units grants you score proportional to their resource cost. But resources sunk into ship or battleship upgrades are "wasted" in score terms. Near the end of a Perfection game, be careful not to do more Battleship upgrades than you need, as you get no direct return on the investment.

Trivia Edit

  • The Battleship texture is different for every tribe. Aside from the colour changing, the back can differ widely from a pyramid with steps (Luxidoor) to a dome (Imperius) or even a castle (Hoodrick).
  • When you move a battleship onto land, you will get a popup saying "Disembark Battleship", providing a confirmation message, to warn the player of a possibly resource-inefficient move
  • Instead of a rock or an arrow, the projectile shot by the Battleship is a fireball accompanied by a spark effect. It is the only unit to use a fireball.
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