The Bardur are one of the 12 current tribes. They are one of the original four free tribes, the others being Imperius, Xin-Xi , and Oumaji. They seem to be based off of Scandinavian/Germanic culture and start with the Hunting technology.

In-game description:

"Surviving the harsh eternal winter of Barduria is not an easy task, but the Bardur seems to thrive here."

The Bardur is said to be the strongest free tribe on the square because of the many powerful techs after hunting.

Appearance Edit

  • Land: White, covered in snow/Permafrost
  • Forests: Pine Trees
  • Animals: Brown Bears
  • Mountains: Completely covered in snow and ice
  • Cities: Wooden, with a mix between flat grass-topped roofs and wooden roofs. Lots of little orange lights.
  • Helmets: Horned Helmets, Viking style
  • Color: Black

Strategy Edit

Research Mathematics as soon as possible. Train loads of catapults, then use them against enemies long-range.


Bardur Theme Edit

The Battle of Polytopia Bardur Theme00:48

The Battle of Polytopia Bardur Theme

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