Byzantius is a Fan-Made_Tribes. They are the eastern tribes of Imperius, a tribe who have fallen to the barbaric Bardur.


"The new-born Byzantius tribes who roses through the remains of Imperius tribes. they were considered the last Imperian. but their king danced to the tune of Bardur general and the tribes is at it stagnation. it is threatened by all front, Bardur to the north and east, Oumaji to the west and Zebasi to the south"

Known Info: Edit

  • Color: Purple,Black,Gray
  • Helmet: Bardur, Imperius
  • Fruit: Orange
  • Cities: large city with large wall
  • land: green/orange field
  • Mountain: imperius type
  • Horse: Dark brown horse with armor known as cataphract
  • forest: dark green
  • starting technology: shield
    ByzantiuS SWORD MAN

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