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The Aquarion are the 11th tribe in Polytopia. Currently, they are only in the beta. They start off with the Aquatism technology. They also do not have a rider or knight unit, but instead two tribe-specific units. They unlock the Aquarion Amphibian with Riding, and the Aquarion Tridention with Chivalry.

In-game description:

From the deep oceans a long lost civilization appears. Their extreme isolation has given them special aquatic abilities that are unknown to the other more human tribes.

All info is based off of the Polytopia Gaming video HERE.

The pictures are from Midjiwan's twitter account.


An Aquarion city.

Appearance Edit

  • Fruit: Sea Cucumbers
  • Field: Submerged Seabed
  • Forests: Seaweed
  • Animals: Turtle
  • Mountains: Reddish Boulders
  • Cities: Gray Stone with red roofs and grey designs on the walls
  • Helmet: Fish Head
  • Color: Light Red

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