Age of Empires is a mod in development by Oaskldk. This mod will be include tribe specific super units, and it will include reskins as well. This mod is supposed to be based off of the European age of colonialism and imperialism, as well as some east-asian empires. Maps will be significantly larger, and there will be large amounts of open sea and land. Island archipelagos will also be common.

Known Information Edit

Basic Units Edit

  • Skirmisher: Reskinned archer
  • Light Cavalry: Reskinned rider
  • Heavy Cavalry: Reskinned knight
  • Artillery: Reskinned catapult
  • Frigate: Reskinned boat
  • Cruiser: Reskinned ship
  • Ironclad: Reskinned battleship
  • General: Reskinned mind bender (I know it doesn't make sense at first, but he can use speeches and propaganda to convert other units. He can also resupply units around him.)

Factions (Empires) Edit

Note: More factions will be added later.

  • France
  • Germany
  • Prussia
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Austria
  • The Netherlands
  • United States (not really an imperial power but still will be included)

New Features Edit

  • New Skill: Retarget, which allows a unit to attack twice in one turn
  • New Skill: Spray, which allows a unit to attack in a 3 tile radius.
  • Trade will be renamed banking, and Banking will unlock the bank and start the Wealth task. Customs Houses will be unlocked with a new tech, Immigration.
  • Banks produce extra stars per turn for the level of the city it's built in. This will allow for larger scale battles early on in the game, as well as increasing the importance of the Trade tech.
  • New tech tree branch: Starts with the tier one tech "Diplomacy", ends with the tier three tech "Tourism".
  • Diplomacy unlocks a new unit, the Diplomat. Diplomats cannot be attacked while in enemy territory. When they are in enemy capitals, a diplomacy menu can be opened, which allows you request peace, declare war formally, request an alliance, or sign a nonaggression pact.
  • There will be a new tech after diplomacy, Trade, which unlocks the "Request Trade Agreement" option in the diplomacy menu, which makes two nations trade partners. They can trade techs, resources, and units at markets, which are buildings that can be built in the player's territory.
  • After trade will be Tourism. Tourism allows you to build monuments/public structures (not the task rewards) for a cost of 12 stars that will increase star production as long as you are at peace.

Faction-Specific Units Edit

France: Heavy Artillery (Artillerie à Pied) Edit

  • Attack: 5
  • Defence: 2
  • Range: 4
  • Cost: N/A
  • Health: 20 (25 when Veteran status is reached(7 kills required))
  • Movement: 1
  • Skills: None

Germany: Machine Gun Edit

  • Attack: 4
  • Defence: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Movement: 1
  • Health: 40 (no Veteran status)
  • Skills: None

Prussia: Royal Guards (Gardes du Corps) Edit

  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 3
  • Range: 1
  • Movement: 2
  • Health: 30 (35 after reaching Veteran status (5 kills))
  • Skills: Dash, Scout

United States: Gatling Gun Edit

  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 3
  • Range: 1
  • Movement: 1
  • Health: 30 (35 after reaching veteran status (8 kills))
  • Skills: Spray

United Kingdom: Battlecruiser Edit

  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 3
  • Range: 2 (or 3)
  • Movement: 3
  • Health: 20 or 25
  • Skills: Scout, Dash, Retarget
  • Notes: This unit will spawn in the nearest unoccupied water (or ocean) tile in your territory. If all tiles all filled, then it will push away the unit on the tile it spawns on, similar to a giant.

Austria: Imperial Dragoons Edit

  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 2
  • Range: 1
  • Movement: 4
  • Health: 25 (30 when reaching veteran status)
  • Skills: Dash


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